Here Are a Few Simple Home Remedies to Help Reduce Your Joint Pain

by | Sep 26, 2019 | Healthcare Related

Living with joint pain can be tough. You need your joints to help you move so you can get through your day, but if you are uncomfortable or stiff, you can’t do what you need to. When it comes to relieving pain, you want something that will help but won’t come with terrible side effects. Below are some ways you might consider to reduce joint pain for Jacksonville residents.

Use Ice

Placing ice on a sore or swollen part of your body reduces the blood flow to that area. Since the pain can be caused by swollen tissue, this could be a great way to reduce some of your joint pain and help you feel better. For this treatment to be effective, you’ll need to apply an ice pack to the affected area every hour throughout the day for 15 minutes. The next day, you will reduce the time you apply ice to four or five times throughout the day, still keeping it on for 15 minutes. Remember not to apply the ice directly to your skin, as this can cause frostbite.

Get a Massage

If you have joint pain in Jacksonville which affects your knees and hips, then getting a massage can help relieve the discomfort. You have the option of having a professional do this treatment or doing it at home. If you decide to do it at home, use a topical menthol rub to help reduce your pain and discomfort.

Go for a Swim or Take a Bath

Being in the water takes a lot of pressure off your joints. If you decide to go for a swim, you can keep your extremities moving so that they don’t get stiff. If you take a bath, the hot water can help loosen stiff, sore body parts.

If you are plagued with joint pain in the Jacksonville, FL area, finding relief is essential. Consider trying some of these techniques to see if they help relieve your pain.

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