How Does Suboxone Treatment Work?

Suboxone is the brand name of a prescription medication known as Buprenorphine. This medication was approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2002 to treat those suffering from opioid addiction.

It is highly recommended that anyone struggling with an opioid addiction opt for a treatment that makes use of Suboxone. Rockford, IL is home to one of the best Suboxone clinics in Illinois, called Brightside Clinic.

At Brightside clinic, we offer Suboxone treatments along with therapy sessions to support you on the road to your recovery from opioid addiction. Over the years, Suboxone has proven to be a highly effective treatment for opioid addiction. But how does Suboxone treatment work?

How Does it work?

The prescription drug branded as Suboxone contains a chemical called Buprenorphine, which targets the same neuro-receptors acted upon by opioid use. However, rather than inducing euphoria in the user, Suboxone works by inhibiting the withdrawal symptoms caused by quitting opioid consumption.

By inhibiting opioid withdrawal symptoms, Suboxone supports the patient in making a smooth recovery. For those who are severely addicted to opioids due to many years of use, we also use a variety of Suboxone medication that contains Naloxone. This is part of what makes Brightside Clinic the best Suboxone clinic in Rockford, Illinois.

Naloxone is a full inhibitor of the same neuro-receptors and completely blocks out the effects of opioids on the brain. In other words, even if a patient consumes opioids while on Naloxone, they will not feel any of its effects.

To start your Suboxone treatment in Rockford, visit Brightside Clinic and get in touch with one of our treatment specialists.

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