How To Do DIY Air Conditioner Repair In Port Charlotte

by | Oct 18, 2019 | Heating and Air Conditioning

As the southernmost state in the U.S., Florida is known for its hot and humid climate. Air conditioning in Florida is a necessity of daily life, and it’s a serious problem if an air conditioning system breaks down. While some problems are so complex that they can only be solved by an expert, other repairs are simple enough that any homeowner can learn to do them. The following are a few tips for DIY Air Conditioner Repair in Port Charlotte.

Look For A Tripped Breaker Or Blown Fuse

This is one of the simplest DIY repairs. If the air conditioning unit stops running, check the circuit breaker to see if a breaker is tripped and flip it back to the On position. Homeowners who have a fuse box can check for a discolored fuse. Replacing a fuse or simply resetting a breaker is a quick and easy fix that can save the cost of an expensive service call. However, if the problem keeps happening, it may be necessary to have a technician diagnose the underlying cause.

Check The Thermostat Settings

Checking the thermostat settings is another DIY fix that doesn’t require an expert. To test a thermostat, first make sure it’s on the Cool setting. Then set it to a temperature that is at least 3 degrees lower than the current room temperature. Finally, make sure that the fan is set to come on automatically. The controls on a thermostat can be hard to see; thus, mistakes are easy to make. Adjusting the settings and changing the batteries if necessary are easy DIY repairs that anyone can do.

Change The Filter

A clogged filter can cause a lot of air conditioning problems, and experts recommend changing filters frequently, especially in homes with pets or a lot of people going in and out all day. When filters become dirty and clogged, they prevent air from flowing through the system, making the system less efficient. In a forced air system, filters should be changed at least every six months, but it’s important to check them regularly and change them as soon as they get dirty.

These are just a few things that any homeowner can try before calling an HVAC company to do Air Conditioner Repair in Port Charlotte. To learn more about AC repair and maintenance, visit Website. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.

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