If You Want to Order Organic Grains from a Mill in Illinois

by | Mar 13, 2023 | Food and Drink

Cooking with cornmeal is a wonderful way to add good nutrition to your diet. If you eat cornmeal, make sure it’s organic to get all of the nutrients organic cornmeal has to offer. Organic grains are wholly nutritional because none of their nutrients have been stripped from them, and no chemicals were used to cultivate them.

If you shop at a store that sells USDA organic grains and flour and consumes the grains you buy, you will improve your diet. If you buy organic cornmeal from a mill in Illinois, you’ll get the finest because the grains at this farm are stone milled. Stone milling preserves the nutritional value of the grain.

Purchasing cornmeal from this shop will enable you to make exceptionally delicious and nutritious corn muffins. Choose from Organic Bloody Butcher Cornmeal, Organic Creamy White Cornmeal, or Organic Golden Yellow Cornmeal if you want to make corn muffins. These are recommended.

Excellent cornmeal choices for making polenta include Organic Bloody Polenta/Grits and Organic Golden Yellow Polenta/Grits. The best cornmeal for making pound cake is Organic Bloody Butcher Polenta/Grits. If you want to make cookies, it’s suggested that you use Organic Bloody Butcher Cornmeal.

Order cornmeal and other grains that are organic and stone milled from Janie’s Mill. Buy them online if you don’t live near Ashkum. If you want to talk to the manager, call 815-644-4032. To get to the website and view all the available products, enter a drawing to win a bag of organic flour, or access a tasty donut, pizza, pancake, brownie, and sourdough bread recipe, go to JaniesMill.com.

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