Important Considerations When Thinking About EHR Certification

by | Sep 1, 2021 | Health & Fitness

Electronic health records certification is a very important aspect of running a medical service. It doesn’t matter if you’re treating human patients as a doctor or furry friends as a veterinarian; EHR is a big part of any modern healthcare business, and certification can keep you above board legally while also enticing clients as proof of your professionalism.

Before you seek out a random certification service, however, you’ll want to think about which company is right for you. Here are just a few steps to take to ensure that you’re working with reputable folks.

1. Look at the proffered features of their service. Do they offer online services for an eCVI or iCVI? Does their technology have user-friendly interfaces and easy controls for inputting or exporting data?

2. Ensure that you’re complicit with all rules and regulations regarding certification. Starting in 2020, for example, it was decided that all vets and vet labs must use EIA/Coggins test forms certified by the USDA. This is important information to have when you’re thinking about EIA/Coggins forms for your own business.

3. Read their reviews and rankings from customers, magazines and other industry organizations. Don’t be their first customer. See what others have to say about them before you hire them.

These are just a few things to keep in mind when you’re thinking about complete electronic health records certification. Whether you’re a doctor, dentist, veterinarian or office administrator, you’ll want to provide reassurance to your clients about both the legality and reliability of your services, so you’ll want to stay on top of EHR.

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