Knowing the Difference between a Journeyman Plumber and a Master Plumber in Pittsburgh, PA

When individuals have breakdowns in their plumbing systems, especially if the matters are complex, they will want to call a plumber right away before matters get even worse. However, not all plumbers are the same and, depending upon the work that needs to be done, the would-be customer should know exactly what skills are wanted. A Master Plumber in Pittsburgh PA does plumbing work of all types for residential and business customers but wants them to know the difference between a journeyman plumber and a master plumber.

The Difference between a Journeyman Plumber and a Master Plumber

States have different requirements for what they consider a journeyman and a master in the plumbing industry, but the major difference is that the latter has more experience and more knowledge beyond typical plumbing. Regular plumbers are good for everyday jobs like fixing leaks, replacing water heaters, and repairing toilets. If a more sophisticated job comes up, such as the installation of plumbing in new dwellings or troubleshooting infrastructural plumbing, such as in large buildings and malls, a master plumber would be the customer’s wisest choice.

More on the Differences between a Regular Plumber and a Master Plumber

A master plumber will not only know the intricate details of plumbing but may also be versed in the laws that apply to plumbing and construction. In fact, after passing a state licensing exam, master plumbers are generally referred to as plumbing contractors and can hire journeyman plumbers to work under their supervision. This is why a customer, especially a business customer, may want a master plumber when issues arise during the installation of new plumbing. Potential customers should sit down with a master plumber when the time comes for extensive plumbing work.

A Master Plumber in Pennsylvania

A customer can find many plumbing contractors throughout Pennsylvania when a skilled plumber is required for work. Matt Mertz Plumbing is a plumbing contractor in Pittsburgh that provides master plumbing expertise for customers. If a potential customer is in need of a Master Plumber in Pittsburgh PA, the contractor is available. Get more information by visiting the website at . You can also connect them on Facebook.

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