Luxury Assisted Living and Family Care Services in Melbourne, FL

by | Feb 16, 2023 | Assisted Living

There comes a time in the lives of loved ones when they need more care and attention; that time usually starts once they reach the age at which they are considered to be senior citizens, and this is when the prospect of assisted living services should be discussed.

The Tailored Residence Solutions of Market Street

Connecting the hearts and minds of elderly residents is the priority of Market Street, a Memory Care Residence that is part of the Watercrest Senior Living Group. Assisted living is a smart option when planning for family care services in Melbourne, FL, and Market Street is your best choice in the region.

Market Street has been thoughtfully designed to provide a tranquil and stimulating lifestyle to residents who wish to enjoy their golden years. This luxurious residential community offers everything from enticing architecture to top-notch amenities such as gardens, a bakery and cafe, a post office, lounge areas, a traditional newsstand, dining areas, exercise studios, and more.

Safety and Holistic Wellness Above All

When thinking about the kind of family care services in Melbourne, FL your senior deserves, wellness should be a primary concern. At Market Street, residents can participate in many activities to keep them healthy as they continue to age. The focus is always on engaging the body and mind simultaneously while also encouraging group activities such as Tai Chi, aquatic exercises, strength exercises, balance and stretching routines, cardiovascular workouts, and more.

The unique lifestyle approach provided by Market Street is holistic; it emphasizes safety at an advanced age, and it promotes wellness at all times.

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