Maintaining Your Engineered Hardwood Floors So They Last for Many Years

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Does engineered wood require maintenance? Yes, engineered wood floors require regular maintenance just like any other floor. The most important thing that a person can do is to clean their floors properly. Not cleaning the floors properly can cause the floor to be scratched, lackluster, and fail early. To clean hardwood flooring in New Jersey, there are several things that homeowners will want to do.

Cleaning Engineered Wood Flooring New Jersey

When learning does engineered wood require maintenance, homeowners will learn that the biggest way to maintain their floors is to keep them clean. However, there is a right way to clean hardwood flooring in New Jersey and a wrong way.

  • Cleaners. When it comes to cleaning engineered wood flooring in New Jersey, a homeowner will not want to just use any cleaner. They will want to use a cleaner that is specifically for hardwood floors.
  • Steam mops. It is imperative that anyone that gets engineered flooring from a flooring store in New Jersey never use a steam mop on it. A steam mop can cause damage to the floor.
  • Excessive moisture. It is important that the floor not be drenched in water as this can cause damage to the wood.
  • Drying. Letting the floor dry is also important. If something is moved across the floor while it is still wet, it can cause scratches to the floor.
  • Daily cleaning. An engineered hardwood floor should be swept daily to ensure that it looks great.

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