Make Bail Fast & Cheap With an Experienced Bail Bonding Co in Huntsville, AL

It can be hard or impossible to make bail when there are little to no funds available. Is there even a bail bonding co in Huntsville, AL, that offers discount bail bonds? Luckily there is. Here’s how simple and fast the discount bail bonding process can be.

The Comfort of a Co-Signer

If the defendant has no job or money, a co-signer is just the solution. A co-signer shoulders the obligation of repaying bail should the defendant fail to show up for trial proceedings. To qualify, a co-signer must own property or be employed at the same job for at least a year. He/she must also have valid ID.

Bail Bond Cost

Standard bail bond costs range from 10 to 15 percent of total bail. There are seasoned, compassionate bond agents that can knock the bond cost down to eight percent, providing the defendant and co-signer meet certain criteria. The bail bond cost, also called a premium, is the bond agent’s nonrefundable fee.

Acceptable Forms of Payment

Most bond agents accept cash, credit cards and property as payment. Some are even open to business and personal checks. For defendants and co-signers with pressing financial issues, payment plans are an ingenious option, letting concerned parties pay the bond agent in small, flexible installments over time.

To find out more about discount bail bonds, contact A Discount Bonding Co. Inc at visit us website, a respected bail bonding co in Huntsville, AL, offering flexible payment plans. You can also follow them on Twitter for more information.

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