Memory Loss and Senior Care in Middlesex NJ

by | Mar 10, 2022 | Assisted Living

Memory loss is not uncommon, especially among people who reach a certain age. The reasons are unknown; as it can be due to age, or can be because of some side effects of the medicines. But, the age factor is a big reason, so people when get old may or may not have this issue. To deal with the issue, lots of centers have been developed for senior care all over the world, and the same is true about Middlesex NJ.

The disease becomes more critical in its later stages, as it can be so worse that the patient does not even recognize their own children. Such a stage can be very difficult for the family, and the caregiver. The patient who used to be aware of the initial stage would become completely unaware of this condition in the later stage. He or she can forget his home address, or contact number as well as his own name. Some families who don’t understand the situation become very depressed, as they can’t bear their parents forgetting them. Sometimes, the patient also forgets to remember taking meals, and can’t recognize miscellaneous things at home.

According to the doctors, a person reaches this condition when brain cells are damaged due to dementia, which cannot be cured through medication. Though some medicines help to reduce the disease to some extent, that can be for a short time. There are many other aspects that can also worsen the condition, like a change of place, change in daily routine, or infectious disease can affect it a lot because the person gets more confused. Sometimes, the behavior of the patient also changes and can be very difficult, so it should be checked by the doctor as soon as possible. There are professionals who are trained for senior care in Middlesex NJ.

At this stage, the responsibilities of the family and the caretaker increase with other duties, and they need to spend some time making the patient remember important things. They can get assistance with photographs or videos so that by looking at them the patient could recall places and relationships. No matter how hurt it is, the family members should remain calm when the patient forgets their names and identity. Be simple with the patient when explaining certain things, as otherwise, it can confuse the person more. Never ridicule the patient, and when he or she gets back to the past life, pretend that you are also there. If you want to correct wrong names or other stuff, then as a caretaker do it politely instead of being rude to the patient.

The patient’s family should have a complete awareness of this disease because certain family members take the patient’s behavior personally, which can make the condition more painful. So, you can see how tolerant people should be, who are living with dementia patients. If you live in Middlesex NJ or around it, you will find some good agencies like South Amboy Adult Day Care providing senior care.

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