Methods to Use to Keep Raccoons From Taking Over Your Reynoldsburg Home

by | Jan 24, 2020 | Animal Removal

Walking outside your home at night to see a raccoon staring back at you could be frightening. If you don’t have the proper equipment to remove the animal yourself, then consider contacting a company that provides raccoon removal in Reynoldsburg. Keep in mind that there are a few methods that could be used during the removal and prevention process.

Sources of Comfort

One of the first things to do is to remove the comfortable resources for raccoons to enjoy. These include food that is left outside and containers that can hold water. Most of the time, raccoons are only looking for the basic necessities of life that your family already has in a home.


A trap can be set in your yard to humanely remove raccoons and set them free in other areas. Once the animals are taken from your property, a professional service can find areas where they will be safe but where it could be difficult to find the scent of your home again.


There are liquids and solid repellents that can be placed around your home to keep raccoons away. A company that offers raccoon removal in Reynoldsburg often has safe products that can be used that won’t make pets sick and that won’t damage plants around your home. Products are often placed in a certain area where raccoons have been seen before being placed in other areas around your home where the animals could gain entry into your home at some point. Keep in mind that this method could take a few weeks to be fully effective.


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