Most Common Commercial Refrigeration Repair in Peoria AZ

Commercial refrigeration units are both convenient and difficult when it comes to repairing them. Generally, you will need a professional who is well versed in this type of refrigeration to perform all necessary repairs. The following are a few of the most common types of commercial refrigeration repair in Peoria AZ.

No Power To The Unit

If you find that your commercial refrigeration system is not turning on, then you will need to first check to ensure that the plug is in the socket.

Most commercial units are wired to an external power source, so you will need to call in a repairman to check the wires on the external source. You should not attempt to do repairs to the unit yourself because crossing the wires could result in the shorting out of your unit. In some cases, the external power source will have a switch that will have to be flipped to on before it will work, so be sure that your repair man checks this in addition to the wiring itself. If none of these solutions fix the problem, it may be a problem with the internal parts of the commercial refrigeration unit, in which case you may need to replace it.

Excess Freezing

If your refrigeration unit is constantly freezing up and producing sheets of ice on the pipes inside of the unit, then you might have a problem with your evaporator fan. You may also have an electrical problem with your evaporator that will need professional attention. Generally, if the evaporator is not getting a sufficient amount of electricity, it will begin to freeze up on a regular basis. If the repairman finds that insufficient power is the problem, they will have to completely rewire your unit, which can be a very time consuming and expensive process.

If you find yourself in need of refrigeration repair, be sure to contact the team at Gotham Air. They have years of experience in a wide range of services, such as refrigeration repair and air purifier.

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