Myths About Obtaining A Medical Card For Medical Cannabis

by | Jul 27, 2021 | medical

While medical marijuana is legal in Tampa, FL, and across the state, it is only legal to purchase medical marijuana (MMJ) with the proper state medical card. The medical marijuana card is only available for qualifying conditions and after recommendation by a certified and approved medical marijuana doctor.

Myth: Any Doctor Will Do

In Florida, as in other states, only doctors that are approved and certified by the state can make a recommendation for the use of medical marijuana by a patient. Most family doctors, primary care physicians, and specialists have not completed the additional training and certification process.

It can become frustrating for patients trying to get a medical card if they use their own doctors. Going through a specialized MMJ clinic is the easiest option.

Myth: The Doctor Prescribes MMJ

A medical marijuana doctor in Tampa, FL, does not prescribe medical cannabis. The medical marijuana doctor recommends the use of cannabis if the patient has a qualifying condition. He or she also enters the information into the state registry.

The patient then goes into the registry website, pays the fee, and applies for the medical marijuana card. The patient receives an email used as a temporary card, with the actual card arriving by mail in 7 to 10 business days.

The patient can use any dispensary or any medical marijuana products he or she chooses. The medical marijuana doctor can answer questions if there are any concerns for those new to the use of medical cannabis.

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