New and Used Snow Removal Equipment in Pennsylvania

by | Sep 24, 2019 | Equipment

When people are searching for Snow Removal Equipment in Pennsylvania to plow personal driveways, small parking lots, or huge lots for thousands of employees, the big question is whether to buy new or used models. Key factors must be considered to make the right decision for each situation. Cost, intended use, performance expectations, and preferences are among those factors.


New equipment tends to cost more money than used, but that depends on the brand, model, and size. A new Hiniker plow for a utility vehicle may cost less than a used one that is bigger or manufactured by another company. Used equipment will cost less to insure, have inspected, and register. Buyers need to be cautious when purchasing used equipment because any savings in the beginning can be canceled out if major or frequent repairs are necessary.

Another cost consideration is financing. People who can pay the entire cost of used equipment are better off doing that than paying interest rates for the next three to five years. If the equipment is an investment in a business, financing may be worth the interest rates to get factory warranties.

Intended Use

Primary reasons for wanting Snow Removal Equipment in Pennsylvania will dictate if new or used is appropriate. A homeowner who wishes to plow her driveway instead of paying a plow company to do it can do well with used equipment. A property manager wanting to take care of snow removal for one or more apartment complexes can buy used but may find it does not meet the needs. A commercial plowing company will typically invest in new equipment to avoid delays and breakdowns.

Performance Expectations

This is different from intended use in that the desired result is the focus. Buyers expecting equipment to completely clear heavy snow in short time need to purchase heavy-duty equipment with the power and on-board technology to get those results. Those who simply want to make the conditions passable for their 4×4 sports utility vehicle can rely on an ordinary plow without extra features and functions.

The preferences of buyers are a factor because some are more comfortable and feel safer in new equipment. Others have no problem operating used equipment to get the job done. Consider these key factors and go to a local dealer, such as Smouse Trailers & Snow Equipment, to find what you seek.

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