New Options In Small Business Insurance Plans

by | Oct 1, 2020 | Insurance Services

In the United States, small business numbers have almost reached 31 million. These companies are responsible for creating more a million and a half jobs a year. This translates to over sixty-four percent of all new jobs added on an annual basis.

While these small business statistics are amazing, they do not provide the whole story. Small businesses in Asheville, NC, still have to compete with large local, national, and international companies when it comes to attracting and retaining top employees.

The ability for small companies to offer small business insurance plans Asheville NC for employees creates an advantage for both employee hiring and retention. Finding the right type of coverage and cost for employee health insurance plans is often difficult if the business owner only considers the big-name insurance providers.

Consider Local Providers

There is a unique opportunity for a small business in Asheville, NC, to choose a very cost-effective option inbusiness insurance plans. This is an integrated type of program where the medical provider offers the insurance.

With a low group rate ideally suited to a small business, it is affordable and fully scalable. The plan allows the business to add or reduce the coverage based on the number of employees.

Within these types of business insurance plans, specific services, including annual physicals, urgent care, virtual care, and nutritional and health coaching services, are free for employees. In addition, employees have access to wholesale costs with local pharmacies and labs, and reduced costs when working with medical professionals collaborating with the provider. Small business owners in Asheville, NC, looking for comprehensive, cost-effective business insurance plans need to call Integrative Family Medicine of Asheville.

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