No Concept Is off Limits with Bathroom Remodeling in Richmond, Virginia

by | Mar 13, 2019 | Home Improvement Services

Bathrooms are getting larger and more luxurious every year, and with good reason. People are spending more time there and placing greater emphasis on comfort than ever before. As the times are changing, Bathroom Remodeling in Richmond Virginia is following suit. Certain trends are emerging, and a few of them may be a bit surprising by some standards.

Power Showers

Showers have been swelling for some time now. Those tiny walk-in versions with barely enough room to turn around are plagues of the past. What was once a question of square inches has become a matter of square footage, offering plenty of wiggle room. At the same time, showers have become far more customized thanks to integral technology. Different users can adjust water temperature and even pressure to their preferences via convenient touch-screen panels. Add a massive waterfall shower head to the mix for the ultimate bathing adventure.

Texture Takes Hold

Many feel texture is an important part of any experience, and this is showing up in the bathroom as well. From wall coverings and fixtures to decor and hardware, smooth surfaces may soon become a thing of the past. People are also opting for a variety of textures, so don’t be afraid to let creativity shine through. Considering today’s design freedom, no combination or idea is off limits.
Concrete Takes a Solid Stance

No doubt, the concept of concrete in the bathroom raises some eyebrows, but it’s not just that simple. This longstanding material now comes in virtually any color, so it can be tinted, mixed and matched into any decorative theme. As fate would have it, concrete can also be molded, stamped and designed to resemble almost any material, including marble, tiles, and granite. From the floors to the countertops, it certainly has a place in today’s Bathroom Remodeling in Richmond Virginia.

Versatility is now the word of the day when it comes to revamping the bathroom. Nothing is out of reach. Consider your unique style and needs while planning the project, and contact The Carpentry & Painting Experts to find out how they can bring them to fruition. You might be surprised at just what an incredible space the bathroom can be.

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