Outdoor Enthusiasts Opt for Automatic Switchblades as Their Carry Blades

by | Aug 11, 2023 | Knives

Due in no small part to the extravagance of Hollywood story crafting, stiletto knives are often seen as something that a villain or tough individual might carry around as a way to deal with any trouble that they might find themselves getting into. This doesn’t paint an accurate picture of reality, however, since automatic switchblades are also a great pick for those who do a lot of work outdoors. Whether they trap or fish, stiletto knives are going to be an excellent choice since they’re easy to open with a single hand.

Say that you were trying to hold a net that you needed to slice through. If you had a traditional folding knife, then it would be a challenge to do that with only a single hand. Stiletto knives open with a single gesture, which makes them an attractive option for anybody who is trying to work in a space that’s rather limited. That’s why they’ve also gotten associated with technicians who have to perform complex tasks outside.

Imagine someone who works inside of a telephone company’s central office or perhaps runs networking equipment between different locations. There’s a big difference between being an outdoor enthusiast and working in one of these fields, but they also often need to cut and strip wire with only a single hand. That makes these blades perfect for them as well as those on a campsite.

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