Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication Process and Industrial Applications

by | Feb 3, 2021 | Metal Fabrication

At Stone City Products, when it comes to precision sheet metal fabrication, they offer extensive capabilities for our customers, that gives them value, convenience, and top quality results. As a highly knowledgeable and experienced fabricator of sheet metal, they offer a number of add-on options to help our customers achieve the optimum end products they need.

Sheet Metal Fabrication Services
The process we employ for sheet metal fabrication includes the manufacturing of metal structures through precise cutting, bending, detailing, and part assembly. Often, these projects began with the taking of precision measurements and the production of shop drawings. Afterwards, the project is carried on by fabrication professionals. When their work is completed, installation professionals carry out the necessary work in the field to complete the project. As it regards the fabrication portion, the various services utilized to produce finished components include welding, shearing, laser cutting, and press brake forming.

Common types of products manufactured from metal and which result from sheet metal fabrication services include structural framing, railing, heavy equipment, stairs, and loose parts. Various industries utilize these products.

Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication Industrial Applications
The experience we possess can benefit a number of industries through the delivery of various types of products to customers, including electrical distribution products, appliances, automotive products, metal building products, and HVAC products. We offer various options to our stamping turret presses. The presses we utilize system to bed size of 144 in. x 60 in., and a 35 to 600 ton range. We also offer a number of auxiliary services, including knot welding, spot welding, brake press forming, kit packing, and assembly.

ISO-9001 Certification
Inside of restricted time frames, thet have the capability to deliver high product volumes. Through our ISO 9001 certification, they can handle a wide array of metals to furnish the finished product you need. They can deliver your required product design, regardless of whether you need components shaped from aluminum, brass, stainless steel, or copper. In addition, they provide secondary finishing services through our relationships with other exceptionally skilled and experienced companies that offer these capabilities.

To learn how they can help you achieve high quality precision sheet metal fabrication results, call them today at 800.960.3373 or fill out their contact form.

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