Reasons for Rekeying and Key Duplication Near Me in Cypress TX

by | Dec 21, 2018 | Locksmith

Lock rekeying involves changing a lock’s tumblers, furnishing a new key, and preventing past keys from opening the lock. While some may think that replacing a home’s locks is the most effective way to make it more secure, rekeying is an equally safe option that comes at a lower cost. Below, readers will learn a few reasons to consider rekeying and Key Duplication Near Me in Cypress TX.

Buying a New Home

After purchasing a home, the owner should rekey the locks. While a home is under construction, keys are given to various contractors, which has detrimental effects on security. This is just as vital if the home was previously occupied, as the prior resident may have copies of the keys. Have a locksmith visit, assess the locks, and provide recommendations.

Losing Keys

When someone loses their keys, they can make things worse if they don’t have a spare. If keys are stolen, lent out, or lost, it may be time to rekey the locks. Take a proactive stance and call a locksmith right away, as it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

After a Burglary

If the property has recently been burglarized, a simple Key Duplication Near Me in Cypress TX isn’t enough; a rekey is necessary. Even if the burglar entered through a window, they could still have the keys to the home. The most secure option is to have the locks rekeyed, and specialist locksmiths offer emergency service to keep homes and families safe.

Broken and Faulty Locks

When there’s a problem lock in the home, it may be simpler to remove it and have it rekeyed in the store. Like other machinery, locks don’t fix themselves. The longer a faulty lock is used, the faster it will deteriorate until it fails completely. Don’t end up locked out of the house; call a locksmith today.

Call Today

Rekeying is the right choice for most locks. However, if the locks are faded, old, or no longer work, it may be better to simply replace them. For upgraded home security and greater peace of mind, call A & M Mobile Locksmith today. You can also visit them on Google My Business.

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