Reasons to Upgrade to a Smarter Garage Door Opener in West Bloomfield, MI

Homeowners who worry that their garage might be broken into may want to have the
garage door opener in West Bloomfield, MI, updated. In neighborhoods where burglary is a concern, upgrading the garage door system is an effective solution for blocking intruders.

Smart Systems

Today’s smart systems work with cell phones and allow homeowners to check and monitor whether the door is closed when they are away. When everyone in the household will be away for the weekend or longer, they can use a vacation lock that adds extra security for a garage door opener in West Bloomfield, MI. Another lower-tech option is to unplug the opener.

Keyless Pads

Another feature that can be installed for the customer’s convenience is a keyless pad to open the door. It works with a PIN, allowing the home’s residents to get back in if they have been locked out.

Additional Strategies

Additional strategies should always be used to prevent break-ins to the garage and the home. Leaving the remote in the vehicle is a very common habit, but that should be avoided unless the car is locked. Many homeowners never lock the entry door from the garage to the home, but that should be done whenever everyone will be gone.

Concluding Thoughts

A large number of homes still have very old automatic openers that are simply outdated in today’s world. Especially if the system has developed problems, such as only working intermittently, upgrading it is advisable. The work can be completed by Tarnow Doors at the homeowner’s earliest convenience.

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