Reduce Risk and Increase Efficiency With a Lawyer in Minneapolis

by | Dec 9, 2021 | Lawyer

By some estimates, using the services of an immigration law office in Minneapolis can reduce processing time for your non immigrant visa application by up to eight weeks. Eight weeks may not seem like a lot of time if you are not the person waiting for the application to be processed. However, those extra eight weeks that you are waiting because you chose not to use an immigration law office in Minneapolis will seem like an eternity.

Immigration lawyers understand the types of visas that are available. They can show you how to complete the right application correctly the first time through. This is going to save you money and may help you avoid having your application rejected or avoid receiving a request for more evidence.

An attorney can walk you through what you need to know for your interview if you have to visit a consulate. This lowers the risk of rejection and increases the chances that your application will be viewed favorably in the final stages.

An honest attorney is going to be able to evaluate your case and let you know what chance you have of getting the type of visa you are requesting. They can walk you through the steps you should take and the things that you should avoid that could lead to you being excluded from entering the United States, deported from the United States, or barred from reentry into the United States. All of this can save you from being separated from friends and family unnecessarily.

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