Should You Consider Buying a Used Car From a San Francisco Car Dealership?

by | Mar 12, 2021 | Auto

At some point, it will become too costly to continue repairing your current vehicle, and it will be time to replace it with something different. While there are definitely advantages to buying a new vehicle from a Volkswagen car dealership in San Francisco, CA, consider the benefits of buying a slightly used car. The following guide can help you explore different options.

Get More Car For Your Money

Imagine you see a car you like, but it’s just outside your price range. Buying the same make and model that’s just a few years older can help you save thousands of dollars. Alternatively, you can buy a better car for less money by looking at older models. Whether you like sports cars or luxury sedans, buying used can help you get something that meets your sense of style and taste.

Avoid the Need For Immediate Repairs

A brand new vehicle hasn’t been driven enough to identify the special quirks that could affect your driving experience. New car buyers often have to return their vehicles for minor repairs as a result. While these repairs are covered by warranties, there’s still the inconvenience. When you buy a slightly used vehicle, all of those bugs have been worked out.

Get More Value

As soon as you drive a brand new vehicle off the lot, it begins depreciating in value. In fact, it’s estimated that a new car loses up to 30% of its value in that first year. Conversely, when you buy a vehicle from a Volkswagen car dealership in San Francisco, CA, that’s a few years older, the depreciation is much slower. It has already lost 30% of its value, which means you’ll be saving that money on the purchase.

Whether you decide to buy used or new, visit online at to learn more about their inventory and automotive services.

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