The Basics of Getting Roofing Estimates From Roofers in Bainbridge Island WA

When your existing roof begins to show signs wear or damage, it’s time to begin getting estimates on replacing that roof. Common sense tells you to begin by looking through the yellow pages and making phone calls to roofing companies. How do you know if the price you get is fair? How do you know the company you select is reputable? You may have tons of questions running through your mind.

Before an actual price is given, a roofing contractor will need to come out and inspect your roof. They make their bid assessment based on things such as:

Damage to underlying decking/wood under shingle

The number of layers of shingles that will need to be torn off

Structural damage to overall roof area such as around chimney and skylights

The size of the roof

After the roofing contractor completes his inspection, he is going to factor in the work involved in replacing your roof. He will also have to determine the amount of materials and supplies needed to complete the job. Familiarize yourself with the cost of roofing materials and labor costs by doing additional research. This will help you understand where the contractor comes up with pricing for these items.

If additional repairs are needed by Roofers in Bainbridge Island WA, such as decking replacement, this will result in additional charges. In addition to materials and labor cost, the contractor will also factor in the cost of hauling your old roof and debris off for disposal.

When you begin getting bids on having your roof done, it’s always a good idea to get an estimate from at least 5 to 6 companies. You don’t have to go with the cheapest company but you don’t have to hire the most expensive one either. There are multiple listings for Roofers in Bainbridge Island WA. You can randomly choose who you want bids from amongst the listings given.

A good way to find out which roofing companies are recommended would be to ask family or friends if they can recommend a specific roofer or roofing company. Sometimes smaller companies are more willing to negotiate pricing.

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