The Different Treatment Option For Back Pain Treatment in Jacksonville

Many people currently suffer from mild to severe back pain in Kettering. If you are one of these people, you may be surprised at the variety of treatment options available. Whether your back pain is the result of an automobile accident, a work or sports injury, or the cause of the back pain is still unknown, there are several treatment options you may want to go over with a qualified chiropractor in your area to help you get back on your feet and living pain-free as soon as possible.

Although there are many people who suffer from back pain who immediately turn to intense prescription strength painkillers or muscle relaxants to ease their back pain, the long list of risks and possible negative side effects of using these drugs may not be enough to counterbalance the positive effects. A qualified chiropractor can help you determine whether a prescription or some other alternative method of treatment is the best option for you.

One treatment option for back pain treatment in Jacksonville is massage. Most chiropractic offices practice massage therapy in addition to several other chiropractic methods. In addition to pain relief, massage therapy can decrease anxiety, pain related to arthritis, increased energy and ability to concentrate, and even may help you get a better night’s sleep.

Another treatment option for those experiencing back pain treatment in Jacksonville is known as disc decompression therapy. This is a therapy option performed by a chiropractor. This is often performed if the patient has joint degeneration, pinched nerves, or other disorders of the spine. Disc decompression therapy involves computer-aided technology applying decompression to your spine, thereby increasing blood flow to your spine and decreasing pain in the areas surrounding it.

It may come as a surprise to many people, but acupuncture can also be an effective method for treating back pain. Although a chiropractor may or may not perform acupuncture, it has reportedly been successful in treating back pain in many patients, often in conjunction with other treatment options, both chiropractic and otherwise.

Whatever option you and your chiropractor ultimately decide is going to be most effective to decrease or eliminate your back pain, regular visits to your chiropractor are encouraged. If you have experienced back pain treatment in Jacksonville, it is important for you to remember to follow up with your chiropractor, as there may be routine chiropractic maintenance that should be done to ensure that the back pain does not come back or get worse.

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