The Different Types Of Hearing Aids in Wheaton

Those people that suffer from hearing loss have a range of different hearing aids Wheaton to choose from. A good rule of thumb is that the smaller the device, the more expensive it is, and the shorter battery life.

In the Ear Hearing Aid:

This style of hearing aid is for those who suffer a mild to a severe loss of their hearing. The device fits into the bowl of the ear, and as it is quite large, it is also quite noticeable. The battery life is considerably longer than the smaller units.

In the Canal Hearing Aid:

This hearing aid only works for those who have mild or moderate hearing loss. It is custom-made and fits directly into the ear canal, so it is inconspicuous. The minimal size does have a drawback though, it is hard to adjust, and changing the battery is challenging. Some models come with a remote, which allows the settings to be changed much easier. Users can often suffer from feedback squeals as the microphone and receiver are close together due to the unit’s small size.

Completely in the Canal Hearing Aid:

This device is also applicable for people with mild hearing loss. This unit is even smaller than the In the Canal device. It is so tiny that it must be removed by pulling it out with a little wire. This device is barely visible as it fits completely in the canal. It is also difficult to adjust and more expensive than other larger devices.

Behind the Ear Hearing Aid:

This style of hearing aid can be worn by people with hearing loss ranging from mild to extremely severe. The electronics are encapsulated in a case that hides behind the ear; a small clear tube connects the electronics to the earmold in the ear. This device is quite powerful, and it can be adjusted if your hearing gets progressively worse. These devices can be adjusted for growth, making them a good choice for children, although the case and the tubing make the device apparent.

The majority of hearing aids Wheaton are now digital rather than analog. Although more expensive, a digital device gives a more precise sound. Hearing Specialists of DuPage provides hearing aids that best fit your needs and lifestyle to restore your hearing sense.

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