The Intriguing Features of Brick-Style Asphalt Paving in Waterford CT

by | Jan 22, 2019 | Construction & Contractors

Homeowners who love the look of brick and pavers for driveways but don’t like the price tag may be interested in a relatively new product for Paving in Waterford CT. Some asphalt paving companies offer to install products that look like pavers but actually are made of asphalt. These products are set on top of an asphalt base, which prevents the shifting that can occur with bricks or other pavers.

Textured Asphalt Blocks

These asphalt blocks have been imprinted with texture that imitates natural brick. Essentially, it is stamped asphalt. The texture is designed to slowly and gradually wear the same way that the texture of brick does. The surface is not porous and does not have any spaces where grass and weeds can pop through.

Available Colors

A variety of colors is available for this type of Paving in Waterford CT. Some homeowners want the look of brick while others prefer the pavers to have the color of natural stone or even rich black, like fresh asphalt. Those who want something entirely different can choose from shades like marigold, mauve, aqua and avocado. The products can be installed by a contractor such as Sullivan Paving.

Recommended Maintenance

Maintenance is similar to that required of a standard asphalt driveway, although it helps to wash it off with a garden hose every couple of weeks to remove debris that can cause deterioration over time. Vehicle fluids like oil and antifreeze drips should be washed off as thoroughly and as promptly as possible. Eventually, resealing of the material will be advisable.

Winter Considerations

Because of the textured rather than smooth surface, ice is less likely to form on this pavement. If the driveway is so long that shoveling or snow-blowing is a problem, a snowplow can be used as long as it has a rubber guard on the bottom. Another option is to set the plow high enough so it doesn’t touch the pavement. It will leave a thin base of snow behind. The pavement is resistant to de-icing salt, although property owners are generally encouraged to use a less corrosive material if ice does form. You can also visit them on Google My Business.

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