The Leading Wire and Element Company Minimizing Inventory and Reducing Cost

Jen-Ter Wire and element, Inc is a company that supplies custom flexible heaters, open coil heaters, moisture-resistant heaters, mica heaters, printed heaters, and more heater tyes along with wire harnesses. Jen-Ter Wire services a large list of businesses within industries that consist of home and commercial businesses, appliance industries, medical equipment industries, agricultural equipment, transportation, and much more. They have a gift for resolving challenging designs and creating an innovative engineering solution when needed. Jen-Ter Wire and Element, Inc delivers within a short lead time, minimizing customer inventory and reducing the overall price and cost.

Product lines that carry these heaters and accessories include 3D printers, Instrument Clusters, Tanning booths, ATM machines, Incubators, fuel pumps, food warmers, and more. While delivering high volume, fully automated production, as well as lower volume, customized specialty production, one heater stands out, the mica ceramic heater. This heater, along with the Mica heater and mica heater elements are some of the top-quality products carried by Jen-Ter Wire. The mica ceramic heater is the option for applications that need a faster temperature transfer and recovery and a higher watt density. It is designed to be able to evenly distribute the heat with uniform watt densities. So, when a customer needs a heater to have qualities such as a large temperature range from -170 degrees Celsius to the maximum temperature of 700 degrees Celsius, faster temperature transfer, a higher watt density, or designed to be clamped or mounted, the mica ceramic heater is the best choice.

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