The Many Distinct Benefits of Using Gate Valves in South Florida

by | Mar 18, 2021 | Industrial Goods and Services

No matter what type of construction or mechanical engineering you are going to perform, you will more than likely need to use gate valves while doing it. According to valve distributors, this type of valve has many benefits. Here are just a few of them.

Little Resistance

The fluid resistance that is encountered when using gate valves is minuscule. This is because the channel for the complete valve is perfectly straight. This means that the liquid flows directly through the valve with little to no interference.

Energy Efficient

Contractors like to use gate valves because they are known to be quite energy efficient. There is little power required to open or close them. They are so efficient because the direction they open is perpendicular to the channel through which the fluid flows. This equates to being faster and cheaper to operate than globe valves.


The flowing of the liquid through the valve is omnidirectional, so it is unimpeded no matter where the pressure is coming from. This makes these types of valves sold by valve distributors ideal when used in a pipeline environment. The structure of the body is also decidedly shorter in gate valves than in globe valves.

Seal Strength

The strength of the seal that is present in the typical gate valve is significantly more strong than in any other type of valve. It is also less exposed to corrosion when open.

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