The Minnesota Company Working to Meet Refrigeration and Freezer Needs

Refrigeration is so important when it comes to the safety and care of food and other products that need to remain cold. If these products spoil or become damaged, not only is it like you are throwing money down the drain, it can also be extremely harmful to your health. Since 1919, a cross-dock warehouse in Minnesota has been dedicated to providing reliable and effective solutions to the frozen and refrigerated food industry. Minnesota Freezer Warehouse Company, or MFWC Cold Storage, provides comprehensive climate-controlled storage for customers in industries from farming to Fortune 500 companies. Their team is full of trained and educated staff that is committed to putting you as a priority and finding efficient and timely solutions to freezer and refrigeration problems in the food industry.

This cross dock warehouse in Minnesota services areas of freezer, cooler, and dry storage, blast and room freezing, order picking and loading consolidation, packing and boxing services, individual case selection, labeling and re-labeling services, park certification, and so much more. Since 1915, MFWC has been powered by innovation, reliability, and dedication. They hold the standard for providing quality logistic solutions and value-added services to the food industry’s cold chain all the way from production to market. MFWC is not just about quality and productivity. They are also dedicated to providing their customers with safety.

If you are looking to work with a cross dock warehouse company that has grown and evolved to better serve its customers for over 100 years, Minnesota Freezer Warehouse Company is the company to partner with.

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