The Potential Benefits of Tree Bracing in Ellicott City, MD

by | Jun 6, 2019 | Landscape

Tree Bracing in Ellicott City MD uses cables that provide extra support for the tree. Depending on the problem, the process can be very effective at preventing damage and saving trees that have suffered some type of damage.

Storm Damage

Property owners may want tree bracing in Ellicott City MD if any trees on their lot have been uprooted by high winds and pushed over. Sometimes, these trees can be saved, although this method of replanting them after the shock doesn’t always work. People who love a particular tree that has gone over in the wind may want to attempt saving it instead of having it cut up and removed. It would take many years to grow another one to that stature, and they hate to give up on a favorite tree.

Leaning and Uneven Growth

In other cases, the customers of a company such as Ballard Enterprises have a tree that is leaning instead of growing straight. A third reason for bracing is when one part of a tree grows much faster, heavier, and stronger than the rest of the tree. This poses a risk of cracking and a large part of the tree crashing to the ground.

The Process

Tree service technicians evaluate the tree and determine whether cabling would likely be effective. Signs of structural weakness or hidden splitting that has already occurred may make the tree unqualified for this service.

People generally think of the bracing process as the tree being held straight by a metal cable or rope that is secured to a point in the ground. However, cabling also can be accomplished between branches, making the equipment nearly invisible behind leaves. The cables are installed between the major limbs, providing additional support and preventing any breakage.

Although bracing and cabling doesn’t always work, it often solves a problem that the customer feared was impossible to fix. Even if a trunk is splitting near the ground, the cabling process may keep the tree in place and continuing to be healthy. Visit to learn about one tree service company that provides this type of skilled work.

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