The Primary Reasons to Call an HVAC Technician From Bethesda to Your Home

You count on your home’s central heating and air conditioning to keep the place comfortable year-round. As important as this system is, you cannot afford for it to be compromised or stop working entirely.

Even so, you do not have the skills to maintain or fix it yourself. You can hire professional HVAC services in Bethesda, MD, to come to your house and inspect and repair it instead.

Inspecting the Unit

When you call out a technician who works in HVAC services in Bethesda, MD, you can have your central unit inspected carefully. As a layperson, you have no idea what is wrong with the air conditioner or why it is not working. The only thing that you know is that it no longer blows out hot or cold air depending on what function you have it switched to at the time.

The technician, however, can perform a detailed check of all of the unit’s functions and find out what is wrong with it. He or she could have to change out filters, tighten hoses and valves, or refill the Freon to get it back in working order. Most services can be performed in a matter of hours.

Seasonal Maintenance

The technician can also perform routine maintenance on it depending on the season. Before you switch it over to air conditioning after a long winter, the service professional can clean out any debris from the filters and make sure that the hoses are not frozen. Before you turn on the heat for the winter, you can ask the technician to light the pilot light in the furnace and make sure that the gas is connected.

You can find out more about getting HVAC services for your home. Contact Magnolia Plumbing to request more information or schedule an appointment.

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