The primary strains of Recreational Marijuana in Longview

There are two recognized major marijuana strains; Indica and sativa, both are used for medicinal purposes. There are hundreds, perhaps thousands of hybrid strains but they are almost all derived by cross breeding these two varieties.

Marijuana Indica strains have more chlorophyll than sativa, the Indica strain grows faster and matures to the harvest stage faster. Indica plants have the tendency to grow short and wide, sativa on the other hand grows tall and thin. As a result of the way the plant grows Indica is more suitable for growing indoors.

Recreational Marijuana Indica strains originated in the areas of the world known for hash production, these countries include Afghanistan, Pakistan as well as Morocco and Tibet. The color favors dark green as the plant contains more chlorophyll and fewer accessory pigments that protect the plant from the effects of excessive sunlight. Once an Indica marijuana plant comes into flower, which normally takes six to eight weeks, the plant is considered mature and can be harvested. The buds are quite dense, the flavors of Indica strains range from skunky to fruity.

Indica stains induce a very relaxed feeling, this is by far the best strain for those days when all you want to do is lay on the couch and watch old movies on TV. Unfortunately for most people they don’t get many days like that so they rely on it to relieve stress after a long, hard day at work and to help in falling asleep when the time comes.

The most common strain, one which is found everywhere is Afghani; most modern hybrids stem from and incorporate the genetics of this strain. Marijuana Indica strains are the most narcotic of the two, their pain blocking qualities are highly sought after by people who suffer from chronic pain. The effects of the strain also relax muscles; relieves spasms, seizures, migraine headaches and helps to relive stress and anxiety.

There are also a huge variety of Indica hybrids that show traits of their heritage. Indica dominant hybrids are ideal for complete body relaxation; it is recommended that these hybrids be reserved for daytime relief of minor pain as well as at night to induce a restful night’s sleep. These hybrids strains are purchased as medical recreational marijuana in Longview by people who suffer from depression, insomnia or any autoimmune disease such as HIV/AIDS.

Although there are certain commonalities within a strain of marijuana the actual effects can be dramatically different, in the case of Sativa one can expect anything from an uplifting high to a mellow, relaxing feeling.

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