The Specialist You Need: A Certified Lactation Counselor in Jackson, TN

by | May 30, 2024 | Health Care

Breastfeeding is a remarkable journey, and there are several benefits to choosing this experience. The best way to begin is with an expert who can guide you in developing a superb mother-baby bond when breastfeeding. A certified lactation counselor in Jackson, TN, can give you the unique support that all moms deserve.

Educational and Clinical Support

Some folks believe that breastfeeding should come naturally because moms worldwide have been doing it successfully for many, many generations. However, the technique is not automatic, and several common issues can arise and frustrate a breastfeeding mom, including a low milk supply, an infant that has difficulty latching and trying to figure out a plan about pumping and storing milk for a back-to-work schedule, etc.

A certified lactation counselor in Jackson, TN, has the solutions for you. This friendly professional can create a tailored program that gives you the education and know-how so that you and your family can live better and healthier lives. Having the right support behind you can make a huge difference in your breastfeeding journey and understanding how “normal” it is to provide human milk for one’s baby. It’s your right.

A Service to Women and Children

Lactation experts will tell you that breastfeeding is a learned skill but an important one that is healthy for both infant and mom. It promotes well-being and a strong emotional connection and is excellent for your baby’s immune system. You can choose from several services, including in-home/virtual consultations, newborn latch assessment and basic newborn care. There is comprehensive first-day(s) home support, prenatal breastfeeding education and support beyond the first months until the toddler years for extended nursing.

Each mom is unique and has individual needs, and that is why a certified lactation counselor in Jackson, TN, can serve women and children in this capacity from the first latch to weaning and whatever else you require in between.

It’s Okay to Reach Out to a Lactation Counselor

Good professionals are ready to help you; it’s part of the sisterhood!

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