They Hold Things Together So They Won’t Fall Apart Here in Ramsey, MN

by | Jan 22, 2021 | Fasteners Supply

Class C Components, Inc., has offered their unique service as industrial hardware suppliers since 1995. Their inventory has been used in companies like 3-M, Krylon and Henkel-Locktite. They offer expertise in optimizing supply chains for hospitals, janitorial businesses as well as data collection for companies of all sizes around the world.

What They’re Best At

Class C Components, Inc., pride themselves as one of the top industrial hardware suppliers. They are meticulous about tracking each piece that goes out of their manufacturing plants. They keep track of each order and lot number in a chain of command process. Another area that keeps them in high regard is ongoing training on each new product with the specific manufacturers.

Stock and Inventory Control

Class C Components, Inc., sees the importance of regularly turning their inventory to keep the older products available. This also makes room for newer products as they come in. Ongoing rotation and counting of their available inventory keeps them accountable to customers and themselves. Certification for industrial hardware suppliers has been awarded to them multiple times since 2008.

They Are the Ones You Can Count On

Don’t wait until the last minute to keep the wheels and anything else from falling off in your business. At Class C Components, Inc., they do the job the right way to save you a headache down the road. To find out if they will suit your business needs you can see their website at for more information.

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