Three Problems that Require Professional Plumbing Repair in Portland OR

One of the issues a homeowner is sure to face at some point is plumbing problems. While many problems are minor and may even be able to be repaired by the homeowner, other problems are more serious and warrant repair by a professional. Three problems that require Plumbing Repair in Portland OR are a burst water pipe, sewage back-up, and an overflowing sump pump.

Burst Water Pipe

One problem that requires professional plumbing repair is a burst water pipe. This is a problem that typically occurs in colder climates over the winter months. Pressure in the pipes is increased when water freezes and thaws repeatedly and when liquid water builds up behind frozen water in the pipes. There are things a homeowner can do to try to prevent this from happening, but once it does happen all a homeowner can do is clean up the mess, shut off the water, and wait for a professional plumber to come to make the repairs.

Sewage Back-Up

Sewage back-up is another problem that requires professional plumbing repair in Portland OR. Small clogs in pipes can sometimes go unnoticed until they eventually grow larger and become lodged somewhere. When this happens, water and sewage may start backing up into sink drains, shower drains, and toilets and a homeowner definitely takes notice. This problem is usually too big for a homeowner to tackle, and a professional plumber is required to locate and clear the clog.

Overflowing Sump Pump

The third problem that requires professional plumbing repair is an overflowing sump pump. Located in a home’s crawl space or basement, a sump pump’s responsibility is to remove excess water that has accumulated in the sump basin. When a sump pump stops working, the excess water begins to build up and the sump basin eventually overflows. At this point, a homeowner can use water frugally to help the system to limp along, but eventually, the pump will need to be repaired or replaced by a professional.

Clog Busters LLC can perform Plumbing Repair in Portland OR. Whether a burst water pipe, sewage back-up, or an overflowing sump pump is the problem, their plumbing professionals can help. They have expertise in clearing drains of clogs both big and small. In addition, they are capable of fixing pipes with digging a trench since they can perform directional drilling. Repair by appointment is offered, as well as emergency repairs. Browse the website today for more information.

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