Three Problems Which Require AC Repair Services in Broomfield CO

by | Mar 24, 2021 | Heating

The dog days of summer are the worst time to experience trouble with an air conditioner. In some areas of the country, it gets so hot during the day that a broken air conditioner can be a health and safety hazard. Some air conditioner troubles may be fixed by the homeowner quickly and easily, while others may need professional repair services. Three problems which require AC repair services in Broomfield CO are low air output, warm air output, and no air output.

Low Air Output

One problem which requires AC repair services is low air output. Low air output means that cool air is being emitted, but it is not enough to properly cool a home. It is most often caused by a problem with the ductwork. It could be inadequately run throughout the structure, contain holes or tears, or be dirty and clogged. This problem requires a professional AC technician to determine which ductwork issue is the culprit and perform the necessary repairs.

Warm Air Output

Warm air output is another problem which requires AC repair services. Warm air output meant the system is blowing the correct amount of air, but the air is warm instead of cool. Low refrigerant level is one issue that can cause this to happen. Another potential issue is a dirty or faulty condenser coil. A professional AC technician can check the refrigerant level and examine the condenser coil to determine the cause of the problem, then make the repairs that are needed.

No Air Output

A third problem that requires AC repair services is no air output. No air output means the system is not blowing air at all. This usually occurs when the system will not turn on. A broken thermostat or a tripped circuit breaker can be the culprit of this problem. A homeowner can check and fix this themselves. However, if the problem is caused by a dirty condenser coil, the presence of debris, or a broken motor, a professional AC technician will be required to diagnose and repair the problem.

Electric offers AC repair services. Whether the air conditioner has low air output, warm air output, or no air output, Electric can help. Repair and maintenance of current air conditioning systems are offered, as well as new air conditioner installations and replacements. In addition, 24/7 emergency services are available.

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