Three Reasons You Should Purchase a Six-String Bass in Atlanta, GA

The electric bass, like its acoustic predecessors, plays a foundational role in the music of its time. Some of the greatest rock bands in the world have featured virtuosic bass players playing world-class instruments. The bass has seen some modifications since its original four-string design. This includes the option for a 6 string bass in Atlanta, GA. Here are three reasons to choose the six-string bass.


The range is the clear answer for this. The six-string bass adds a “B” string on the bottom and a “C” string on top. This means you can play notes both lower and higher than the four-string electric bass. If you have a versatile role in a band, a six-string bass could be right for you.


A 6 String Bass In Atlanta, GA, is generally more durable than its smaller counterparts. This is simply because they are bigger. There is more wood used to make it, which makes the instrument heavier and thicker. This is an advantage if you travel with it or are clumsy.

It’s a 4-String Too

The great thing about learning on a six-string is it helps you learn how to play the five and four-string as well. The bass can be reduced into its smaller brethren for learning and performing. This is just one of the reasons the six-string is so versatile.

If you are interested in learning the electric bass, consider getting a six-string. If you have more questions about purchasing one, call Ronald Sachs Violins for all of your stringed instruments-related needs.

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