Tips for Finding the Best Internet Provider in Honolulu

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In this day and age, for many individuals, the internet has become a necessity more than a luxury. Many individuals depend on the internet for their line of work, their social life, finding recipes, and general day to day living. One thing, however, that many are always seeking is how to obtain the best Internet Provider in Honolulu for the least amount of money.

Types of Services Available

There are several different types of internet services that individuals can get in their homes. Different services are located in different areas. Services include:

  • Digital Subscriber Line (DSL): this is delivered through the telephone line of the home. DSL is generally the least expensive form of broadband internet available. DSL service connections come at different speeds that go as high as 100 Mbps through newer phone services. Perhaps one of the drawbacks is, the further an individual is from a service provider the slower the service they will experience.
  • Cable: Cable internet is delivered to the home through a cable service. For those who use the internet during off-peak times, cable internet is a good option.
  • Satellite: Satellite internet is delivered through satellite service. Satellite service is generally the only option available to those who live in rural areas.
  • Fiber-optic Internet: Fiber-optic service functions similarly to DSL but offers much faster speeds.

Tips for Finding the Least Expensive Provider

It is a good idea to call each provider in the area to compare and take notes on the information obtained. Information should include the following:

  • Speed. Many providers will tell the speeds they offer. It is important to note whether the speed is offered through cable or over DSL/fiber due to the cable speeds varying depending upon the time of day.
  • Additional costs. Some companies may require the homeowner to rent a modem or router through the company while other providers will provide the equipment and no additional cost.
  • Bundling. If the company is already used for phone and tv service, many companies may offer a better rate for bundling the services together. This may also be a consideration point to move services over so that costs can be bundled together.

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