Types of Men’s Real Panama Hats in New York

An iconic fashion accessory for men, the Panama hat is one of the world’s most timeless, luxurious, and elegant accessories. However, despite its fame and reputation, the Panama hat still remains somewhat mysterious. First and foremost, it is important to know that they do originate from the country itself but they are from Ecuador. In fact, Ecuadorian straw is also used for making them, specifically the toquilla palm plant. You can find different men’s real Panama hats in New York based on your personality. It is important to choose the one that matches your style and preferences.

Outback Panama Hat

With a three-inch brim, this handwoven straw hat is breathable and lightweight. The slim, stitched leather band adds just the right amount of flair and the Dry-Lex Eco sweatband prevents heat and moisture. Wearing an outback Panama hat can provide a sense of comfort in formal attire.

Safari Panama Hat

With a double-stitched brim edge and a hardy straw brim, the Safari is one of the most popular men’s hats. The wide brims can help shield your eyes from the sunlight or glare and make any outfit look more sophisticated. You could also enjoy wearing such a hat because it is made of breathable materials. Those who are looking for men’s crushable summer hats can also opt for this one as its crown can be easily adjusted or packed.

Wide Brim Panama Hat

A wide brim Panama hat has a brim that measures up to three inches. This is among those men’s real Panama hats in New York that can complement any face. It also offers protection against UV rays and sunlight.

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