Understanding Orthodontics in Fort Myers, Florida

Just like there are specialized doctors that offer care for different areas of patients’ bodies, there are also specialized dentists who care for different aspects of their bites. Orthodontics refers to the branch of dentistry that focuses on correcting tooth overcrowding and misalignment and jaw positioning. Read on to find out the basics about what Orthodontics in Fort Myers Florida is and what patients can expect when they visit an orthodontist.

Commonly Treated Conditions

When most patients think of orthodontists, they likely think of children being taken in to be fitted for braces. In reality, though, orthodontists also treat a wide variety of conditions beyond tooth misalignment. They also treat overbites, underbites, crossbites, open bites, misplaced midlines, and crowding.

Fixed Appliances

As noted above, braces are only the most common type of fixed dental appliance prescribed by orthodontists. Patients who have jaw misalignment may also need fixed appliances such as palate expanders, while those who have lost baby teeth prematurely may receive a referral to a pediatric orthodontist for fixed space maintainers.

Removable Appliances

There are also a wide variety of removable appliances used in the field of Orthodontics in Fort Myers Florida. They include removable retainers, jaw repositioning appliances, tooth aligners, and headgear. The benefit of removable appliances is that they don’t need to be worn 24/7, which makes them more convenient for adults.

Benefits of Orthodontics

There are some dental issues that can only be solved with specialized orthodontic treatment. Jaw misalignment, for example, always needs to be handled by a specialist, as does tooth crowding and severe tooth misalignment. Patients who receive referrals to orthodontists can expect to complete their treatment with straighter, more beautiful smiles and all the benefits they confer.

Straighter teeth don’t just offer aesthetic advantages. They also reduce patients’ risks of developing gum disease and tooth decay. Orthodontic appliances may also be required in some cases to address certain speech impediments.

The Bottom Line

It’s not uncommon for patients to experience some anxiety before they begin their orthodontic treatments but most of their fears are unfounded. Modern orthodontists have access to a wider array of treatment options than their predecessors and their focus is always on patient comfort. Visit ………….com to learn more about orthodontics or schedule an appointment with a specialist today.

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