Understanding the Cost of Dental Implants in Augusta GA

Dental Implants are different than caps, bridges or dentures. They are a way to have damaged teeth replaced with artificial teeth that are more natural looking than most dentures and are as stable and permanent as real teeth.

Implants are convenient because you can replace one tooth or a dozen. The adjoining teeth are safe and not subject to wear and decay the way they may be with partials and bridges.

The process of applying implants is done in stages. In the first stage the anchor, or actual implant is placed. This is done after molds and x-rays have been completed. The area is allowed to heal and the implant become secure in the gum, which can take a few weeks.

A second step of inserting a rod into the implant is next. This is avoided if the implant used is already connected to a rod. Again, the mouth will need time to heal. Once healed, the final step of placing the tooth over the rod can be completed.

Dental implants are only possible if your gums and jaw are healthy. Because they are permanent they are typically more expensive than ordinary dentures. The Cost of Dental Implants will vary according to how many teeth are being replaced, how easily they are installed and what type of dental services you will need before the implants can be installed.

If you want to find out more about the Cost of Dental Implants in Augusta GA, you will need to make an appointment with a dentist. An office such as Shores Dental Center, will give you a thorough exam and can create a plan for your treatment. You will be able to learn what the length of the process and the Cost of Dental Implants in Augusta GA will be for you.

Dental implants can make it possible to eat and drink normally again. They will provide you with a more flattering appearance, can help to make other dental appliances more comfortable and can replace missing teeth without harming the teeth around the gap.

A comprehensive dental exam is the only way to know if implants are possible for you. To learn more, visit the website of Shores Dental Center.

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