Upgrading Your Marin County Home With Window Replacement Services

Giving a house in Marin County a fresh, new look in is a great way to increase pride in your home as well as property value. Typically, replacing siding and getting rid of old shingles are the two most common types of exterior renovations, but failing to add window replacement services may not create the new look you want.

Window styles have changed over the years, and failing to add new windows may limit the positive effects you were hoping for in the upgrade. The good news is that companies like Northwest Exteriors can provide all your exterior renovation needs including siding, new doors, and even window replacement.

Add Energy Efficiency

While there is an aesthetic element to window replacement, there is also a practical aspect as well. Choosing to upgrade to energy efficient windows and frames can have a year-round impact on your heating and cooling bills.

Insulated double and triple pane glass keeps the cold and hot air in the home in the summer and winter. New windows are also designed to block heat from the sun from coming through the glass, helping to dramatically reduce the work your AC system has to do throughout the summer.

Add Greater Functionality

Different types of window replacement options are available, which match both the home’s style as well as serve a functional purpose. Windows can open outwards from the sides, which is known as a casement window, or they may be double hung windows and open from the top or bottom. There are also horizontal sliding windows, awning windows and even traditional single hung windows, which open from the bottom.

Ideally, if you are considering a replacement for your windows in Marin County, takes some time to become familiar with the window options available before making a final choice.

At Northwest Exteriors, we offer a full range of window replacement options for our customers in Marin County. To see more, visit us online at northwestexteriors.com/replacement-windows-santa-rosa-ca.

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