Use a Bobcat Service for Excavation Jobs in Newnan GA

There are many times when a homeowner needs an excavation service. If they decide to install an in-ground pool they will have to hire a bobcat service to dig out the hole where the pool will go. If the bobcat is removing useful topsoil, the homeowner may decide to use it to create new landscape features in other parts of the yard. The bobcat is well suited to easily take the dirt to other locations.

On the flip side many new homeowners decide that an in-ground pool is not the right choice for their family and they decide to fill in the swimming pool. That process requires that a great deal of concrete be torn up and carted off site. Once the concrete is removed, the process of filling the hole begins with gravel, soil and top soil. It is usually a bobcat that puts all of the dirt and gravel back into the hole as well.

Many excavation services have trucks and trailers that will also cart away the soil and debris if that’s what a customer wants. In addition to swimming pools, bobcats often excavate the area for a driveway or walkway. These can’t be put on top of the existing landscape or they will eventually be as much as six to eight inches higher than the original elevation. Once the ground is excavated, it is replaced with gravel, a base coat and then two to three layers of asphalt and then a sealant.

Excavator rental services in Newnan GA can also help transition from a lawn area to a garden. It can pull up the sod layer of lawn very quickly and take it away. Then it can run over to a nearby compost pile and bring over what is needed to mix into the topsoil. Every vegetable gardener will say that soil preparation is critical to vegetables filled with nutrients and flavor. Doing this chore with a rototiller, shovel and wheelbarrow will easily take several days. Using a bobcat will get the job done in an afternoon. Then the gardener can enjoy the process of establishing their garden.

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