Virtual Assistant for Entrepreneurs: Expectations vs. Reality

by | Jul 23, 2021 | Business

Hiring a virtual assistant can be ideal for entrepreneurs to save time and money without sacrificing critical administrative tasks. However, it’s essential to go into the agreement with clear expectations. Understanding the reality versus what you think you will get from a virtual assistant will help you make the best decision for your growing business.

Virtual Assistants Solve All Your Problems

You may be struggling to keep up with every mundane task within your business, making a virtual assistant sound like the perfect solution. While they will certainly help lighten your workload, they aren’t capable of resolving all of your problems, at least not immediately. Some issues may take time to work out, while others will still require your attention.

Virtual Assistants Cost Too Much Money

It’s true entrepreneurs often have more limited budgets. This fact makes many individuals hesitant to hire anyone from the outside to help with the workload. When working with a virtual assistant, you will spend less money than hiring someone in-house, providing you with the assistance you need at a much lower cost. Fitting a virtual assistant into your budget means you can make more money and grow your business more effectively.

Virtual Assistants Are Ready for a Large Workload

Some entrepreneurs seek virtual assistants to eliminate a significant portion of their work. While an excellent virtual assistant will be able to take on more tasks as time goes on, it’s always better to start smaller to allow them to become familiar with your company and work style. Begin with a short list of routine tasks to get them off your plate. Once you see what the virtual assistant can do, you can add more.

I Don’t Need a Plan for My Virtual Assistant

Never hire a virtual assistant without a detailed list of tasks and expectations. A little planning ahead will ensure the virtual assistant knows what you expect and ensures the job goes more smoothly. One of the most significant mistakes you can make is hiring someone with no clear picture of what you want them to do. It’s less effective to randomly assign tasks than to have a laundry list of responsibilities prepared ahead of time.

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