Visiting a Physical Therapist: What to Expect

by | Jan 10, 2022 | Orthopedic Surgeons

Physical therapy is one step in the recovery procedure. It is another means through which an individual can either avoid surgery or rehabilitate following a surgical procedure. Playing a key role in this process is a physical therapist. In Washington PA and in other cities and states across America, this trained professional is there to act as your guide in what needs to be an interactive partnership.

Visiting a Physical Therapist in Washington PA

When you first visit any physical therapist, it will be for an assessment. S/he will consult with you to make an informed decision on your physical condition. Questions will be asked concerning your health, specific injuries, symptoms, and any recommendations from your personal physician.

Following this initial discussion, the therapist will diagnose focusing on any dysfunction in your movement. What then follows is the creation of a custom treatment plan. It addresses your particular issues.

A treatment plan usually involves exercise. Massage and stimulation may also be a component. The therapist will work with you to ensure you understand what is involved. When required, the therapist will inform family, friends and/or coworkers about the program and any options.

Stick to the Plan

A Physical Therapist In Washington, PA is there to help get back to your enjoying your life. S/he will set up a plan and guide you through it. However, it is important to remember it is up to you to remain steadfast and adhere to the program. Otherwise, the skills and intentions of the therapist will be for not.

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