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Winter can be extremely harsh in New York, which makes it difficult for individuals who heat their homes/apartments with home heating oil -; or what is known as #2 fuel oil. One of the difficulties faced by homeowners who heat their home in this fashion is the possibility of having the oil freeze, which makes it unable to be used.

When the temperatures start to dip below freezing, #2 fuel oil can turn into a thick gel-like substance. The gel-like substance is a result of the oil freezing, as the fuel oil is specifically designed to not freeze into a solid.

There are a few things homeowners can do to prevent the fuel oil from freezing and turning into a gel. Here is a look at some of the solutions that are available.

Discuss Options with a Fuel Oil in New York Provider

Many companies that provide fuel oil to customers have various solutions that may help prevent the oil from freezing. The most common solution available is to add a liquid additive to the fuel oil.

Unfortunately, not all fuel oil providers will add this to the fuel. It is important to discuss with your fuel provider the issue of having the oil turn to gel. If the provider is aware of the problem, they can take the steps to prevent it.

Seal or Wrap Lines with a Non-Absorbent Insulation

Fuel oil will sometimes start to freeze as a result of coming into direct contact with cold temperatures. Homeowners can use non-absorbent insulation to prevent the fuel oil from freezing.

The homeowner will need to take the exposed area of the pipe and wrap it in the insulation. This will provide a layer of warmth that will prevent the fuel oil from freezing. When wrapping the pipes in insulation, it is important to make sure there is no opening that will allow cold air/temperatures to get in.

If you are unfamiliar with how to wrap pipes, a fuel oil New York company may be able to provide you with some suggestions. People in the New York area may be able to contact COHLER FUEL OIL INC. for help and suggestions on how to keep fuel oil from freezing.

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