What Ankle Surgeons In Racine, WI, Have To Say About Adult Flatfoot

by | Mar 22, 2020 | Health & Medical

The normal foot should have a proper arch that serves to protect the vulnerable small structures of the foot and ankle during increased foot area stress/pressure. Some people develop what is known as adult flatfoot that can be caused by a number of reasons. Learn what top ankle surgeons in Racine, WI, have to say about adult flatfoot.

Why Adult Flatfoot Should Be Treated by a Foot Specialist

Adult flatfoot is often a progressive foot ailment that becomes painful and can change the normal location of small bones, joints, ligaments and other foot and/or ankle components over time. This condition is often labeled posterior tibial tendon dysfunction or insufficiency or simply adult acquired flatfoot.

However, this condition is not always related to the vulnerable posterior tibial tendon. This is one reason why adult flatfoot should be treated by an experienced foot specialist like prestigious ankle surgeons from Racine, WI.

Common Possible Causes & Symptoms of Adult Flatfoot

There are a number of potential causes of adult acquired flatfoot that should be evaluated by a foot specialist. These causes include arthritis development or older injuries to the middle foot area or engaging in too much high-impact sports or related activity over a period of time. Obesity and having childhood flatfoot are other common flatfoot causes.

Where To Find Flatfoot Treatment

Flatfoot can be effectively treated with rest, anti-inflammatory agents, orthoses and casts in most cases. Some patients will need surgery.

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