What Are Some Important Facts That I Should Know About Dental Implants?

by | Oct 2, 2019 | Dental Care

The fact that your natural teeth are in poor condition does not mean that smiling is no longer an option. With the aid of dental implants in Southampton, you can restore that smile and also be able to chew just about anything that you want. Would you like to know more about implants? Here are three basic facts that will help you get started.

There’s More Than One Kind of Dental Implant
Not everyone knows that there are options for different dental implants. The first is the individual implant. It’s designed to fit into a tooth socket that was recently vacated due to extraction. Once the implant is in position, a cap or crown has adhered to the top. The result is what appears to be a perfectly formed tooth.

There are also dental bridges that are held in place with the aid of two implants. This works well if you have a few teeth in a row that you want to replace, but hate the idea of dealing with a removable bridge. You can also invest in what’s sometimes called All on Four implants, which is simply a prosthetic that takes the place of a full row of teeth. The implants hold the prosthetic in place and look just like the real thing.

Taking Care of Implants Is Simple
Much of the day to day care of dental implants in Southampton is familiar. You brush after meals, use mouthwash, and may even floss if you’re careful. Annual checkups are still part of the process, along with going in for cleanings to remove residue from the implant surfaces. This approach helps to ensure your gums remain healthy.

They Could Last the Rest of Your Life
Unlike dentures that must be replaced after several years, dental implants in Southampton might last the rest of your life. If you damage a cap, replacing it is relatively simple. When you consider the expense of replacing dentures numerous times over the next few decades, the cost of implants looks quite attractive.

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