What Are The Benefits Of Choosing To Undergo A Collaborative Divorce

by | May 3, 2021 | Law Services

Some couples who decide to divorce are often taken aback by how emotional and frustrating the entire divorce process can be. Traditional divorce proceedings generally take months and even longer. Many couples wish there were an easier way. Now there is, and more couples are learning about the many surprising advantages of choosing to undergo a collaborative divorce in Chicago.

What Exactly Is A Collaborative Divorce Anyway?

As the name implies, this legal divorce proceeding allows couples to negotiate and work out many of the divorce-related issues that come up. It is not necessary to wait for a long and drawn-out court date if each party works together to find common ground on things like dividing up assets like a home, boat, or car. Other matters that will need to be negotiated concern division of personal belongings, child visitation, custody and support matters, retirement savings, and other legal matters.

Who Is Usually Involved In A Typical Collaborative Team?

Rather than having opposing lawyers fighting for their respective clients in court, a typical collaborative divorce uses a team approach to successfully negotiate most of the terms under a divorce. This is more like a coaching or mediation type of atmosphere and setting. Members involved in a typical collaborative team include coaches, mediators/attorneys, counselors, financial experts, and others.

What If There Are Children Involved

Couples may still undergo a collaborative divorce even if they have children. Some family court judges strongly urge divorcing couples to at least try to meet with a highly-trained legal divorce negotiator who will be in charge of overseeing the process to work out child-related matters that usually come up during a divorce. It is important for everyone on the team to realize that the children and their best interests are always going to take precedent in these legal sessions.

What Happens If A Couple Can’t Agree & Go To Court Instead?

Even the best of parents can sometimes fail to agree during the attempted collaborative divorce proceeding, and the couples may then decide to take their case into court. Even if all of the small details are not ironed out following this process, it could still be worthwhile in the long run. This usually cuts costs and time way back.

Will The Same Collaborative Divorce Negotiator/Attorney Represent You If The Effort Fails?

In most cases, both attorneys representing or advising each party in a collaborative divorce in the Chicago region will both agree to withdraw from the divorce proceeding if things cannot get resolved through the negotiation process. These things may vary from place to place and with different situations.

Learn More About Collaborative Divorce Options Beforehand

Get all of the facts about this process before moving forward with your legal divorce. This is partly due to the nature of negotiation and mediation which are two combined processes typically used in collaborative divorces these days. A divorce attorney, on the other hand, may have a tougher style of litigating and representing their clients.

Where to Turn for Legal Counsel Regarding Collaborative Divorce

Take the time to get in touch with an attorney who is able to further explain collaborative divorce with Chicago-based couples to help them determine if such a step is right for their unique case. Contact Michael Craven at https://www.divorcelawyerschicago.org/ online.

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