What Can You Expect From a Teeth Cleaning Appointment with the Family Dentist in Kona?

by | Apr 10, 2019 | Dental Care

There are a few vital services the Family Dentist in Kona offers patients to help keep healthy smiles. When an individual takes care of their teeth and gums at home and sees the dentist a couple of times a year for cleanings, they are more likely to be able to avoid the risks of decay. It is imperative individuals are aware of what they can expect from their teeth cleaning appointment so they will be prepared and much less nervous.

What Happens at the Appointment?

Some people get overly nervous when it comes to dental appointments because they are unsure of what to expect. Knowing what to expect can make a big difference in the comfort level the individual feels. The following offers information on what individuals will experience when they seek teeth cleaning appointment.

The patient will first sit in the dental hygienist’s chair to have their teeth checked for any visual signs of cavities or gum disease. The hygienist is the professional who will clean the patient’s teeth to remove any plaque or tartar that could lead to cavities and gum disease.

Special tools are used to reach all of the cracks and crevices, including those of the hard to reach back teeth. These areas are often more vulnerable to cavities because they are hard to clean at home. The hygienist will brush, floss, and polish the teeth and offer pointers to the patient on areas of oral care they need to focus on or improve.

Once the patient has had their teeth cleaned, they will then have X-rays taken and be seen by the dentist. The Family Dentist in Kona will thoroughly check the teeth and gums of the patient and will view the X-rays to ensure no hidden oral health issues are present.

Get Started Today

If you have been neglecting the health of your teeth and gums, there is no better time to schedule a dental appointment. For more information, visit the website today. Contact the dental office of Carter S. Yokoyama D.D.S. and ask them to schedule your appointment. They will work to protect the health of your smile.

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